Poll: Which Canadian engineering marvel makes you most proud?


Canada Day is only ten days away and OSPE continues to join in on the celebrations by recognizing the substantial impact the engineering profession has had on the development of our country throughout its history. Given that engineers are responsible for designing, creating and refining the technology and structures that improve our quality of life in every facet of society, it would be impossible to rank Canadian engineering accomplishments in terms of their impact or importance.

However, in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, OSPE would like to dedicate a special Canada Day blog post to five Canadian engineering innovations that our members find most intriguing and impactful.

OSPE will continue to add to our growing Canada 150 list following July 1st, but we are seeking your help as we create a celebratory Canada Day blog post that will highlight a few prominent ways that the work of engineers has always launched Canada into its exciting future.

Which one of these suggested feats of Canadian engineering would you like to see included within our Canada Day post? Do you have another suggestion that you think should be featured? Share it in the comments section below!

Choose one of the following Canadian engineering marvels or make your own suggestion below. The five most selected items will be featured within OSPE’s Canada Day blog post on July 1st.

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