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OSPE Supports Curiosity

OSPE member David Philpott is using his creativity and lifelong sense of curiosity to discover new antibodies that can be used to treat rare forms of breast cancer. OSPE member David Philpott is a PhD student at the University of Toronto. Philpott’s undergraduate degree provided him ...Read More

OSPE Supports Health Innovation

A leader in health innovation: OSPE Member Wes Leewis, P.Eng., develops a migraine diagnosis system — Research suggests that approximately one in 10 people suffer from migraines worldwide, and the majority of sufferers are women. The absence of an objective test and access to ...Read More

OSPE Supports Remarkable.

As the advocacy body for Ontario’s engineers, it’s our job to ensure the world-changing contributions of the engineering community do not go unnoticed. Engineers are leaders, innovators, problem-solvers, entrepreneurs and advocates who work in the most strategic sectors of our economy. But how do ...Read More