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OSPE Supports Empathy & Complex Problem Solving

Robert Fleisig, PhD, P.Eng., is a permanent (tenured) teaching professor in the Walter G. Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology (W Booth School) and Engineering 1 (first-year engineering), with a passion for inspiring empathy, creativity and interdisciplinary thinking in undergraduate and graduate students, ...Read More

OSPE Supports Safety and Sustainability

Thomas Kowpak, P.Eng., is a Project Manager and Engineer in CIMA+’s Water, Wastewater and Infrastructure Group, focusing on the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations, as well as long-term planning for facilities and wastewater masterplans. Kowpak has been with CIMA+ for ...Read More

OSPE Supports International Engineering Graduates

OSPE member Gema Rodriguez is a recent international civil engineering graduate who works in affordable housing and sustainable development with social enterprises in Canada, Africa and South America. “I have been working in urban planning, residential design and the implementation of infrastructure projects in complicated ...Read More

OSPE Supports Sound Policy-Making

Marwan Alaydi, P.Eng., is a professional engineer and a passionate advocate for renewable energy. He is currently a project manager for an energy storage start-up delivering innovative solutions using machine learning algorithms and AI to predict electricity market trends and dispatch battery storage systems ...Read More