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The Role of Nuclear Energy in Ontario

The following blog post was contributed by Paul Acchione, P.Eng., on behalf of OSPE’s Energy Task Force. Canada’s Nuclear Energy Situation — In November 2018 a Steering Committee, convened by Natural Resources Canada and with the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) acting as secretariat, published ...Read More

Who Should be in Charge of the TTC?

During Ontario’s 2018 election campaign, the Progressive Conservative Party proposed to upload responsibility for building and maintaining new and existing subway lines to the province, while allowing the City of Toronto to continue operating and collecting revenue from the subway system. To date, it ...Read More

2018 OSPE Advocacy Highlights

OSPE employs a rigorous advocacy process that focuses on creating evidence-based recommendations for government. Below are some of our 2018 advocacy highlights: January Engineers’ recommendations included in 2018 Provincial Budget $411 million over three years to strengthen partnerships between post-secondary institutions and employers providing ...Read More