OSPE Presents Pre-Budget Submission to Finance Minister Hon. Charles Sousa

Yesterday, OSPE’s CEO Sandro Perruzza attended an intimate gathering of business executives in a closed-door discussion with Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa regarding what needs to be included in the upcoming Ontario Budget in order to spur economic growth and create better employment outcomes for all Ontarians. The session was in camera, so specific details cannot be discussed, but Minister Sousa was very receptive to the recommendations put forth by OSPE, which were also supported by many other organizations represented in the room.

OSPE was pleased to be included in this exclusive consultation which demonstrates the growing influence the Society has with the Government of Ontario as the voice of the engineering profession. In all meetings, OSPE maintains the position that the engineering profession must be leveraged by government and industry to deal with many of the social and economic issues that we are facing in Canada and the world. The innovative solutions engineers design are crucial to address rising energy prices and decarbonizing the economy and the innovation gap, while spurring resilient infrastructure and advanced manufacturing. Engineers create wealth with their pioneering technologies, entrepreneurial spirit and new inventions which not only attract international investment, but improve the quality of life for everyone.

Click here to read OSPE’s complete pre-budget submission which was presented to the Government of Ontario.

  1. February 13, 2016
    • February 16, 2016

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